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It’s hard to imagine a product that could last forever especially referring to clothings. Jackets, coats and vests are often the products that suffer more wear over time. There’s a place in Italy where the passing of time is becoming the synonym of beauty, style and trend. The philosophy of this Italian factory is to create a total made in Italy product that could last trough your whole life. This project was born by the extraordinary idea of Giuliano Ceccarelli, the owner of this family conduction factory in 2000. The main purpose is to produce original jackets, coats and gilet using special and sought after materials; in particular, they focus their production on two different and refined fabric: waxed cotton and a special wool called “panno grosso di Casentino”. The latter, reminds the old fabric used to warm horses and shepherds in ancient times moreover, this stuff is created by an Italian factory which is one of the two factories in the entire world that still has this special material production. This anecdote underlines the capability of studying and producing all the details with attention and passion.

Cursori in cuoio – Questa peculiare particolarità si ritrova su tutta la vasta gamma di giacche firmate Manifattura Ceccarelli.

Cursore in cuoio –

deck jacket
Fodera pile in lana.

The older it is, the better it wears!

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